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Emilie ‘tries’ her luck with rugby

Published 12/05/2021

When 26-year-old Emilie Miller was first approached to consider Wheelchair Rugby as a new sport, she initially had a bit of a gigg…

Christine has dedicated her life to helping children

Published 7/05/2021

Western Australian Foster Carer, Christine Newton, has been fostering children all her life but says she wouldn’t have it any othe…

Playing wheelchair rugby brings out Brodie’s best self

Published 6/05/2021

Brodie Healy says wheelchair rugby has given him something to wake up to each morning and aspire to be great at. “It’s not just a…

Training hard has its rewards

Published 5/05/2021

In the days following a diving accident at Shoal Bay which left him paralysed, doctors at Sydney’s Royal North Shore Spinal Unit t…

The force is strong in these two

Published 4/05/2021

Both massive fans of the Sci Fi franchise, the pair have been together since William became Anthony’s primary Support Worker eight…

Dannie became a proud foster parent at 47

Published 15/04/2021

When Dannie joined Lifestyle Solutions in Western Australia as a Primary Carer in 2016, she had no idea it would lead to her becom…

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