National Police Check**

 = This is completed online at no cost to you.

= You will need a number of Identify Documents including – Birth Certificate (full, not extract), Passport, VEVO Check (if in Australia on a Visa), current Drivers Licence, Medicare Card, Debit/ Credit Card. There are also other documents that can be used. For natural born Australians, if you don’t have a passport, please ensure you have an Australian Birth Certificate.

**What if offences show on my National Police Check?

If you have been to court for any reason in the last 10 years, the check will show all offences. For example, traffic offences, drink driving, driving while disqualified, assault, shoplifting, damage to property, breach of AVO etc.

If your National Police Check shows an offence(s), you will be contacted by one of our People Support Team for a confidential interview. We will:

= confirm these offences relate to you,

= ask you how the offences occurred and what you do now to ensure you don’t end up in a similar situation. It is important that you are answer these questions and provide details.

= We take into account how many offences there are, when they occurred, your employment history and reference checks before making a decision on your suitability.

Working With Children Check/NDIS Worker Screening Clearance for your State

= We will send you instructions on how to apply – these are online applications.

= There is a cost. It varies from state to state, the average is $100.

= You will need the same Identity Documents as above.

Additional State specific clearances

= You will be advised if they apply to you.

= Generally, these are at no cost to you.

= You will need the same Identity Documents as above.

First Aid Certificate

= If you don’t already have a current First Aid Certificate, you will be asked to enrol in a course and provide evidence, within one month of your commencement.

= You must also provide evidence you have completed the course and obtained the qualification.

Qualifications - Child & Family Services (NSW, Qld, SA)

= Our funding contracts with Government Departments require that employees hold specific qualifications or are enrolled to obtain prior to commencing, and/or complete online training prior to or within the first 3 months of your employment. Failure to complete will result in termination of your employment.

= Your recruiter will provide you with more details.

Commitment to Training

As a Support Worker you will be required to undertake all mandatory training at the commencement and throughout your employment. This includes but is not limited to:

= Induction (3 days)

= Online Training – Essential 11

= TCI – Therapeutic Crisis Intervention

= PART – Predict Assess and Respond To

= CALM - understanding of trauma and attachment and behaviour.

Click on the button below to download a printable copy of the clearances and requirements to be a Support Worker.

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