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Lifestyle Solutions COVID-19 Working Group

The Lifestyle Solutions COVID-19 Working Group first convened on 3 March 2020. The Working Group is made up of representatives from key parts of our organisation including service delivery, communications, health and medical, WHS and policy.

During its first meeting the members of the Working Group quickly developed an action response plan and undertook activities to keep the people we support, children and young people in our care and team members safe from what was at the time, a largely unknown virus.

From those initial meetings the Working Group is proud to have been involved in keeping people safe by:

  • securing a stock and supply of masks, hand sanitiser and other PPE early in the pandemic to support teams and customers
  • securing grocery supply lines to support our residential services
  • developing easy read information and social stories for the people we support and children and young people in our care
  • creating the COVID-19 Resource Centre, a one stop resource for team members to access the latest information and resources
  • creating the COVID-19 Information Hub for the people we support, children and young people in care and our communities to access the latest information
  • supporting teams by providing regular webinar updates, email and text alerts on the emerging situations  
  • develop risk management plans and responses for the organisation, services and individuals at high risk
  • creating sets of work and hygiene protocols, checklists and guides to keep people safe
  • monitoring and responding to varying jurisdictional actions in relation to outbreaks throughout 2020-2021.

The Working Group continues its efforts, meeting regularly to discuss the latest developments, including the national vaccine roll out. It remains steadfastly committed to stopping the spread of COVID-19 and to keeping people safe.


Lifestyle Solutions’ position: All team members and people we support are encouraged to be vaccinated against COVID-19 in the interests of their own safety and the safety of others.

Why get vaccinated? Vaccination is an important part of preventing the spread of COVID-19 and limiting the negative impacts, such as hospitalisation. Vaccination is an additional strategy to support community safety during the pandemic. Other strategies include hand washing, social distancing and use of masks.

What is Lifestyle Solutions doing?

We are:

  • working closely with government departments and healthcare providers to support the national rollout of 1a and 1b
  • providing information to the people we support so they can make an informed decision about vaccination
  • working with the people we support, guardians and persons responsible on informed consent
  • supporting team members with information about the national roll out.

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