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New workshop to teach art of self-portraits

Published 30/07/2020

Bindi Enterprises has launched an exciting new art workshop organised through its contracts department – Self-portraits. The new…

After ten years together, Kate and Elcie have their own special language.

Published 23/07/2020

Kate is stretched out on a blanket on the ground. Above her on a ladder, a member of a film crew drops autumn leaves. One of the l…

Farewell to Bindi’s Supported Employees

Published 22/07/2020

It was a sad but exciting day for the team at Bindi Enterprises when they said goodbye to three of their Supported Employees, Andr…

Investing in Australians with a disability

Published 14/07/2020

Article written by By Scott Ungaro, Senior Financial Adviser, Profile Financial Services In July 2013, the…

A Different Spin on Anxiety

Published 9/07/2020

A Different Spin on Anxiety Lifestyle Solutions partnered with Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy earlier this year, opening up a great…

Lydia's pancakes a recipe for a challenge

Published 6/07/2020

When Lydia presented a Vietnamese crispy pancake recipe as something she’d like to make as a group activity, her support w…

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