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Steph’s many small steps to joy.

Published 24/09/2020

Di sneaks out of the building and into the garden when Steph isn’t looking.  She hides several trinkets among the plants and sculp…

A short guide to jumping waves.

Published 24/09/2020

Jumping waves can be an exhilarating pastime, however if you are like Mumina and experience auditory sensitivity you may need a li…

Airline industry staff jump on board with Lifestyle Solutions

Published 22/09/2020

Matt, a pilot for over 11 years,’ was temporarily stood down from his role at Virgin Australia due to COVID-19’s severe impact on…

Powerful documentary a must see

Published 17/09/2020

The powerful award-winning Australian documentary ‘In My Blood It Runs’ will form part of our cultural awareness learning program,…

Fostering - A family affair

Published 16/09/2020

When scrolling on facebook one evening, Michelle came across one of Lifestyle Solutions’ advertisements seeking Foster Carers for…

Magic artwork accessible to all

Published 16/09/2020

Self-described as kooky, genuine and fresh, the art created by Bindi Mwerre Anthurre artists in Alice Springs is also colourful, e…

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