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Published on Friday 1 May, 2020

May the 4th - Star Wars Day - has a special place in our hearts here at Lifestyle Solutions.

We’ve always had our share of fans of the epic franchise. From team members who saw the original film at a drive-in in 1977, to new converts who have binged watched the entire series as part of their lock down survival strategy.  Recently though, we’ve taken it up a notch.

A few weeks ago, we announced on this page that we have joined forces with Sons of Obiwan Saber Academy – Australia’s First light Saber theatre combat school. Luke and his team at the academy are amazing.  A large part of what they do is working with young people who live with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and students with special needs.  Of the many organisations who sought to collaborate with Sons of Obiwan, we were very excited that it was Lifestyle Solutions they chose to partner with.

Something we are very proud of is the work we did with them to have their classes become NDIS funding eligible. The bespoke classes, that include elements of fitness, flexibility and physiotherapy, represent the kind of innovative therapeutic programs Lifestyle Solutions’ State Leader, NSW North & Regional NSW, Patrick Wilsmore, strives to deliver to our customers.

“We really like what light saber training does for people with a disability. Many of our clients are on the Autism spectrum and they love this activity. Not only the sensory aspect but as a way of connecting and communicating with others in a language based on movement and flow.” Patrick said.

It’s not only our customers that have benefitted from the unique classes. A number of Lifestyle Solutions staff have also undertaken the training. Patrick said this has had some very promising Jedi results.

“What’s special about these classes, is that they are new to everyone. It reminds you what it feels like not to be in control, to have to learn, to let go and accept you are starting at the bottom.  It requires creative thinking and it alters the way you think – the way you look at things. It frees your mind to see pyramids where you only previously saw triangles. It’s important and valuable for team members to take that energy and approach back to their teams and the people they support.”

There is a lot great stuff coming up for the partnership. As well as bringing light saber training classes to customers and staff at our Wallsend and Port Stephens Hubs, Lifestyle Solutions plans to join Sons of Obiwan at events around Australian including Sydney Supa Nova, Perth Supa Nova, and Brisbane Supa Nova.  In August, Sons of Obiwan will fly our banner on an international stage for the first time at the Star Wars Celebration in Anaheim California. This is the world’s largest Star Wars convention and attending it is the life-long dream of many Star Wars & Science Fiction fans.

Patrick said participation in these events opens fantastic opportunities for our customers and makes them feel connected to something very special. 

“Our customers and staff who have done the training will be watching to see Luke in Anaheim and cheering him on. We know a lot of our customers not only love Star Wars, but superheroes, comics, cosplay and technology. This all comes together at these fan events and is the kind of thing our customers dream of.  Partnering with Sons of Obiwan at these conventions opens up opportunities for our customers to connect, attend, and have once in a lifetime experiences.”

“May the Force be with you as Everyone is Equal”

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