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Published on Friday 19 March, 2021

Tom and Josh aren’t just mates.

“We’re best best mates,” says Josh. He’s just finished beating Tom in one of their favourite games, Mousetrap, and is enjoying his winning moment.

Tom takes his loss with good spirits. “It’s all about luck,” he says. “Just like football and bowling.”

Josh agrees. “Yeah, we both bowl about 120. Sometimes I get the highest score, sometimes Tom does.”

Like a lot of mates, they seem to relish the fun of good-natured rivalry, especially when it comes to football.

“We tease each other about the football,” says Tom. I go for NSW and the Bulldogs and he goes for Queensland and the Broncos.” He throws Josh a cheeky smile. “Yeah, he’s a bit crazy this one for going for Queensland.”

Josh smiles and nods his head in agreement. “Yeah. We like to give each other cheek don’t we. It’s fun isn’t it.”

Tom lets out a big happy “Yeah!” “It’s fun to have a joke. We have nicknames for each other. I call him Bozo and he calls me Clown.”

Josh starts laughing at the thought of it. The pair are bouncing off each other, big grins all round. It’s a gentle teasing and completely good natured. “We do lots of stuff together. We go to the movies and laser tag and catch up with each other at our houses. We have a lot in common.”

Tom agrees. “You have to have a lot in common to be best mates don’t you. I think so.”

Around them buzzes the activity of Port Stephens Hub. People play other board games, draw pictures and colour in, play Nintendo, and jam on the drum kit and other instruments. The friends take a quick break, checking out what the others are up to, before setting up the Mousetrap board for another round. It’s clear that whoever wins, Josh and Tom’s friendship is much more than luck.











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