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Become a Foster Carer. Be rewarded.

We provide a safe and caring environment for hundreds of children and young people across Australia who are not able to grow up with their families.

Unfortunately, there’s a serious shortfall in the number of Foster Carers available and the need for carers has never been so great.

We need you.

We’re seeking carers who are willing to support the restoration of children to their birth families, offer immediate or respite care, provide permanent long-term foster care, or move toward guardianship or adoption of the child or children in their care.

Becoming a Foster Carer gives you a wonderful opportunity to make a real and meaningful difference in a child's life - and your own.

Who can become a Foster Carer?

Like the children we support, our Foster Carers come from a broad range of backgrounds. Carers can be male and female couples or same sex couples. They can be single people with or without their own children, be young or old, working or not working, and come from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Their common interest is in sharing their lives, caring for children and young people in need, and supporting them to maintain their identity and family connections.

Are there different types of foster care?

We need Foster Carers to provide a range of care including:

  • Transition care (supporting children whose goal is restoration or family care, or who need care while a permanent foster carer is sought)
  • Emergency or short-term care (caring for children in an emergency situation for a short period, usually up to three months)
  • Respite care (one-off or planned periodic care for a child to provide respite for permanent foster carers or family members)
  • Long-term care (permanent long-term foster care for a child until they are 18 years old where restoration, guardianship or adoption doesn’t support their needs)

How will I be supported as a Foster Carer?

We are 100% committed to supporting you to ensure you feel confident, capable and informed. We provide:

  • comprehensive post-approval training
  • a dedicated Carer Services Officer who will provide professional and practical support to you relating to your role as carer
  • each child with a dedicated Case Manager and, often, a Clinician whose role is to support the child’s placement and long-term goals, and to provide you with support in relation to the child’s individual needs
  • 24/7 on-call support for emergency situations
  • links to state fostering associations and access to fostering forums
  • peer support and contact with other carers in your area
  • a non-taxable foster care allowance that varies according to the type of care provided and the child’s individual needs.

It’s important to know that all authorised Foster Carers and their adult household members are required to have a current Working With Children Check.

Want to find out more?

Call us now on 1800 634 748 or make an online enquiry and someone will contact you.

If you're looking to become a foster carer in WA, read our online handbook with information specific to foster care in Western Australia.

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