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Published on Friday 18 December, 2020

It’s unlikely you have ever met anyone with a Christmas collection just like Pete’s.

Every one of his Santa’s is named after a family member, friend or person who means something special to him.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time with Pete to understand that family means everything to him. It’s a phrase you hear a lot, but with Pete you can feel it flowing from deep inside him. It’s magical – spending time with Pete, as you come to understand that meeting his Santa’s and learning the story of each is to learn the story of him, his extended family, and their lives in good times and bad.

We like to let the people we support speak for themselves, so we hope you enjoy this film featuring Pete and his Santas.    And of course, for those who have met Pete in an earlier film, Rusty the dog is not far from his side.

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