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Published on Thursday 11 February, 2021

Penguins can be cheeky and tricky things – especially the ones in Emma’s favourite video game, Club Penguin.

We were lucky enough to be with Emma at our Port Stephens Hub when she came third in a particularly intense battle with the sneaky Sphenisciformes.

Emma’s playful penguin pizzazz was a cause for celebration among her friends and the Hub team, as during the last few games the Penguins had given her a thumping.

We felt especially privileged to be there to see Emma’s victory dance.

Third against those evil penguins. Well done Emma!

While the first-generation Nintendo Wii doesn’t have an ergonomic controller and may not be suitable for people with severely limited mobility, many of the people we support love it for its physical gameplay and colourful and engaging images and sounds.


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