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Published on Friday 4 December, 2020

With summer here and community sports and activities resuming under COVID normal, many of the people we support are getting excited about being able to go sailing again.

One of those is Alex, an intrepid sportsman who loves to sail on Lake Macquarie with volunteer run organisation Sailability.

“I love sailing and I can’t wait to get back out,” said Alex.  “The fresh air, the freedom, reading the wind, I’m really looking forward to it!”

Alex studies the conditions before heading out

Alex said that as well as the thrill and freedom of being on the water, the people involved make the sport special.

“Everyone is really nice. The people I sail with, seeing them have so much fun, and the volunteers – they are really friendly supportive people who love sailing and helping others to sail.”

Alex has been sailing for several years and is advancing in his abilities. He mostly sails alone in a Hansa 303, which is the boat used predominately in the Para World Sailing Championships. The 303 has the addition of a jib (a triangular headsail) which makes it faster, but also requires more skill to handle the extra control line. It’s a challenge Alex relishes.

“I enjoy the challenge.  The boat is fairly simple to control, that’s the easy part. You have to rely on the wind though and one thing I can’t control is the weather.”

Alex, who also plays wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby, said it’s been a tough year for him and his friends.

Mumina learning the ropes from a Sailability volunteer

“It’s not just the physical aspect. It’s missing meeting with friends and getting together and having a laugh. It’s the other people that are always the best part of any sport.”

While Alex and his friends wait for Sailability to resume in the Lake Macquarie area, enjoy a taste of what is to come with the gallery below of images from their last outing (featuring Alex, Luke, Tanisha and Mumina).

Click here for Sailability information in your area. 

Sailing is an NDIS funded activity.  Click here to learn how we can help you get the most from your NDIS plan.

Learn more about the Hansa 303 and para sailing in this short video.

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