We have more than 40 Support Coordinators in communities across Australia. Meet some of our NSW, Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania and Western Australia team members.

New South Wales


Camille Manalo has a background in nursing and has worked with adults and young children living in out of home care.

Camille has a wealth of knowledge and experience working in the disability and health sectors supporting individuals through complex situations, such as a change of health status, employment, moving to a new house and behavioural situations.

Graham Krahe has a Masters in Management and a postgraduate Diploma in Financial Management. His passion for helping others and his experience assisting people in crisis situations led him to a career in the Community Services sector.

Graham draws on his experience as a Support Worker and Facility Manager working with people with a forensic background and other complex needs to help people make the most of their funding.

Sandra Ruiz has a Diploma in Community Welfare, Certificate in Supervision and numerous industry accreditations.

Sandra brings 17 years experience in the human services sector to her role providing Support Coordination throughout the Sydney area. Her expertise in Family Support and Case Management is enhanced by her passion to assist women, children, people living with disability and vulnerable members of the community.

Adelle Macdonald has been working in the disability sector since 2003. She started as a support worker, then worked as a facilitator, day program team leader, accommodation team leader and support coordinator.

Adelle has a Diploma of Community Services, Assistance in Nursing Certificate 3.

“I value building lasting connections with clients, giving dignity and respect,” says Adelle. "I've worked with people with complex needs and gained valuable insights into how best to support them.

“I take the time to learn about my clients and the satisfaction of helping them maintain independence is incredibly rewarding.”

Stuart Fraser has five years’ experience as a Support Coordinator and Recovery Coach. He has worked with people with trauma, addictions and mental health issues.

Stuart has bachelors degrees and graduate diplomas in Psychological Studies and Counselling.

Stuart uses psychodynamic approaches that provide an understanding of the deeper layers of oneself, such as dreams and imagination. He also uses aspects of cognitive behaviour therapy including mindfulness and self-regulation.

He helps his participants relieve existing symptoms then heal underlying problems, so they can build motivation and implement strategies to meet their challenges. People gain the support, understanding and knowledge to grow and become more self-aware.


Nargis Aktar holds a Master’s Degree in Social Work and brings extensive experience working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds to her role.

She’s worked in many regions across greater Sydney in Support Worker and Disability Case Manager roles. As a Disability Case Manager, Nargis has supported many people to meet their immediate needs and achieve their goals.

Supporting people through complex situations, from meeting urgent accommodation and equipment needs to arranging therapies, employment, behaviour intervention strategies, counselling and advocacy, is her strength.


Petra Ahrens-Murray is a highly skilled Support Coordinator with a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Psychology.

Having worked in the human services sector for almost 40 years, Petra’s experience assisting people who have disabilities from birth, or later onset, is considerable. She has performed various roles in psychiatric and general nursing, disability support work, drug and alcohol counselling, parenting group facilitation and support coordination. She’s also been involved with self-managed funding since the establishment of the NDIS.


Olivia Tracy has built up a lot of experience and knowledge in supporting people with medical needs and complex behaviours while working as a complex mental health support worker. She has a Bachelor of Nursing and is now completing her Bachelor of Social Work.

“I want to gain more skills and knowledge to better help people do daily tasks, control their NDIS plan and encourage safe and healthy outcomes,” says Olivia. “My passion lies in helping people reach their goals through positive, consistent, and reliable support.”

Tamworth and New England

Dannielle Stonestreet has worked in the community services sector for over 11 years supporting people who’ve experienced family breakdown, domestic and family violence, childhood and intergenerational trauma.

Dannielle is a trained Mediator and Family Group Conference Facilitator who enjoys working collaboratively with other services to provide holistic supports to customers.

Victoria Spanswick has worked in the disability and community services sectors for over 20 years. During this time, she’s worked across welfare, employment services, public housing and family referral. Victoria has wide-ranging knowledge of how to access both NDIS funded and mainstream providers throughout the New England area.

Marjolijn Fitzgerald has more than 10 years’ experience supporting people with disability across education, mental health, and legal services in New England. She has built strong relationships with consumers, families, carers, staff and external service providers.

Marjolijn can critically assess and research the issues that empower people to attain their goals and reach their full potential. “I’m deeply committed to helping people lead happier, healthier, and more meaningful lives and thrive in our rural community,” says Marjolijn.

Marjolijn is studying a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, majoring in Counselling.

Krystal Hallam is a well-established member of our team, having worked as a support worker for four years before stepping into her current role.

In addition to a Certificate 4 in Community Services and Certificate 3 in Assistant Nursing Acute Care, Krystal has a wealth of experience supporting people with trauma, addiction and mental health issues. Having also worked with people involved in the justice system, Krystal feels that her strongest skill is her ability to express empathy toward all of her clients and their communities.

Far North

Sarah Benton has a background in social work and has worked in the disability sector for 12 years.

Sarah has experience navigating through the service world with multiple providers.



Chloe Nguyen has a Master of Social Work from Queensland University of Technology and is well experienced working with vulnerable individuals and families.

Through her experiences, Chloe has learnt the importance of relationships, empowerment and choice. Chloe works patiently with each participant, providing person-centred support, valuing their strengths and capacities and advocating for their needs. 




Raquel (Abby) Owens’ core values of respecting and supporting others, as well as her personal experience with family members, drew her to this sector and Lifestyle Solutions.

In over 15 years in the disability sector, Abby has held a number of frontline roles including Integration Aid, Independent Living Skills Instructor, Accommodation Coordinator, Accommodation Area Manager, Senior Instructor in Day Service, Support Facilitator and Support Coordinator.

Stephanie Rietkerk is an NDIS Support Coordinator and Psychosocial Recovery Coach with a Certificate IV in Mental Health who brings over 10 years’ experience in planning, budgeting, service and client management to her role.

Stevie Cooper has worked in the community services sector for over a decade. He has extensive experience in aged care, community care, disability support and nursing. He holds Diplomas in Nursing and Community Services.

Stevie is a strong advocate for the LGBTQIA+ community and positive mental health. He is a volunteer with Melbourne’s largest LGBTQIA+ organisation, Thorne Harbour Health.

Elin Lindqvist has worked in various care, support and mentoring roles, so brings great experience to support coordination and psychosocial recovery coaching for people with complex mental health issues. She has a Bachelor of Psychological Sciences and is completing a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours). 

Elin helps people understand their NDIS plan and supports them until they are  confident in taking charge themselves. She creates a calm and caring environment for listening and reflecting, using hope and motivation to create positive change.

Claire Schintler has more than 16 years' experience in the health and fitness and business management sectors. She is completing her Bachelor’s degree in Health Science, specialising in health promotion and family, society and health.

Her passion is building meaningful relationships with people, focusing on connection and support on the journey to achieving positive outcomes.


East Melbourne

Ballarat, Bendigo and Shepparton

Tracey Kinnersly holds a bachelor degree in Social Welfare and has worked in the community services sector for 15 years supporting children and young people in out of home care.

Tracey now works closely with people with disability and their support networks. Her focus is on connecting people with coordinated care teams and services that meet their needs and goals, now and into the future. She also helps people to better understand their plans and navigate the NDIS and so they can maximise their funding.

Tracey appreciates every person’s situation is unique and she works collaboratively with the care team to ensure individual circumstances and needs are supported.

South Australia


Jodie Johannsen has a degree in Social Sciences and is currently studying a Masters of Community Development.

With more than 13 years’ working in community services with people from a diverse range of backgrounds, she brings extensive experience in the disability and aged care sector.

Megan Tucs holds a Certificate IV in Disability Support and is currently working toward her Certificate IV in Mental Health.

After over 20 years in the service industry, Megan has developed strong leadership and problem-solving skills that allow her to excel in her roles across the disability sector. She gained a wealth of knowledge through her previous experience as a support worker and team leader, which she now brings to her current role. 

With extensive lived experience in the areas of disability, neurodiversity and mental health, Megan believes a person-centered approach is key to making a positive impact on the lives of the people she supports. She is passionate about empowering and supporting people in a holistic way that ensures they feel seen, heard and understood.  



Felicity Wilson has worked in the disability and aged care sector for over eight years including in home and community care and NDIS Support Coordination. Felicity understands the complexity of managing mental health issues through her work with psychosocial NDIS participants and lived experience in mental health and dementia.

Felicity is passionate about helping others to live their best lives through providing support coordination and psychosocial recovery coaching.



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