VIC NDIS Disability Supports

  • Accommodation/tenancy assistance – This assistance includes support for you to obtain or retain appropriate accommodation.
  • Assistance in co-ordinating or managing life stages, transitions and supports – Short and long term supports with a focus on strengthening your ability to co-ordinate supports, and assist you to live at home and participate in community life. These supports and services may include budgeting, daily planning, co-ordinating complex supports and transition planning.
  • Assistance with daily life tasks in a group or shared living arrangement – These supports and services incorporate assistance with, and supervision of, tasks in daily life in a shared living environment, and include lower, standard and higher needs.
  • Assistance with daily personal activities – These supports provide assistance or supervision for personal tasks of daily life to assist you in living as independently as possible.
  • Development of daily living skills – This category of supports and services focuses on training and development activities undertaken by you or your carer to increase your ability to live as autonomously as possible.
  • Management of funding for supports in a participant's plan – This type of assistance focuses on strengthening your ability to undertake tasks associated with the management of your supports. Plan management is the financial management of your plan supports, including making payments to providers, expense claims processing, developing monthly statements and claiming for payment from NDIA.
  • Household tasks –These supports and services enable you to maintain your home environment.
  • Participation in community, social and civic activities – These services and supports can assist you in participating actively in community, social and civic activities.
  • Training for independence in travel and transport – These services and supports can assist you in developing skills that will enhance your ability to travel and use public transport independently.