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Published on Thursday 22 October, 2020

For Support Worker, Ola Adeuti, his ability to think outside the box helped him to improvise and come up with new activities to enjoy with the people he supports in Victoria during the lockdown period.

“I found it really hard to see my customers disappointed and unhappy that they couldn’t carry out their regular activities such as going to the park, grabbing a coffee or going to the gym. All I want is to see my customers happy and fulfilled,” said Ola.

Ola felt terrible telling the people he supports that they couldn’t do simple things like go out bowling or get an ice-cream, so he decided to get creative.

“One of my customers loved to go bowling so I thought to myself, how can I improvise and move our outdoor activities, inside?”

Ola downloaded an app to play bowling on his iPhone and he and his customer had a fantastic time going bowling together online.

“There was certainly a bonding process that came from the new way of doing things. I felt there was more one-on-one time spent having conversations, telling stories and coming up with new activities to do together.”

Another of Ola’s customers liked to watch reality TV shows so the pair began making the time to watch them together.

“Watching the programs definitely brought us closer together as they became something we looked forward to and talked about,” said Ola.

Ola is looking forward to a time where he and the people he supports are able to get out and about as normal again but says he’s grateful for the stronger bonds he’s been able to create with customers and team members during the pandemic.

A huge thank you to Support Worker Ola for going above and beyond for the people we support.

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