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Published on Friday 30 November, 2018

For 21-year-old, Newcastle local, Chris, the ongoing daily support he receives from Lifestyle Solutions has meant that not only can he now live more independently but he has overcome his immense fear of water.

Chris, who requires substantial support, came into Lifestyle Solutions’ care over two years ago.

Tina Keating, Facilitator with Lifestyle Solutions said, “When Chris first started supports with us he was very afraid of water. He disliked the water on his face which meant showering, swimming and even drinking water was very difficult for him.”

“Chris also found environments such as shopping centres and supermarkets very stressful and had trouble heading out into the local community on his own,” said Tina.

With the ongoing encouragement and guidance of his support workers, Chris is now enjoying much more independence and quality of life.

“Because of the continuity of his care, Chris is now making some big strides in his personal development. By building strong relationships with his staff, Chris now feels safe and is able to go swimming, shower on his own and even enjoy a drink of water” said Tina.

Chris’ dad, Colin said Chris will now happily go to the supermarket with the assistance of his support workers, pick items from a shopping list and use the self-serve checkout.

“The staff at Lifestyle Solutions have been invaluable to my son and I and they’re always happy to assist us whenever we need them. Chris’ support workers have been amazing. Chris would not be where he is today, and I would not be where I am, without the support of Lifestyle Solutions,” said Colin.

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