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Published on Tuesday 18 August, 2020

When Donny moved into his new supported independent living home, he was initially concerned about keeping in touch with his old housemate and friend, Jeffrey. After living together for 12 months, they’d formed a close bond and he didn’t want to lose that connection.

Thanks to his dedicated support team at Lifestyle Solutions, that hasn’t happened and these great mates, who only live five minutes away from each other, catch up regularly for Sunday barbeques and a chat.

Lifestyle Solutions Support Worker Adrian Bryde said, “Donny and Jeffrey look forward to meeting up every second Sunday and take it in turns to host a barbeque at each other’s home. They love spending time together catching up on the front verandah with a cup of tea and watching the trains go by.”

“It’s been excellent for Donny and Jeffrey to keep that connection with one another and the opportunity to socialise gives them something to look forward to,” said Adrian.

Despite the age gap between the friends, Donny and Jeffrey connected through their love of football, both being big Knights fans. They also have similar interests in trains and policemen.

Fellow Support Worker, Tanya Pannowitz, has worked with Donny for over 16 years.

“It’s really important to keep friendships going and to make it possible for the people we support to visit one another. Donny and Jeffrey have such a lovely friendship. They really look out for one another and that’s why we try to keep this going,” Said Tanya.

Supporting people in our care to expand their social networks and friendship groups is a priority for Lifestyle Solutions. Our Supported Independent Living accommodation options offer this by providing an inclusive environment and strong support network.

Supported Independent Living is a great option for NDIS participants who have support needs but who want to live more independently. Participants are given greater choice and control over who they live with, who their Support Workers are and how the supports in their home are structured.

Lifestyle Solutions’ Supported Independent Living programs are individualised and offer a range of services to promote quality of life and independence such as:

= selecting and moving into a safe and secure home

= daily living and personal care skills

= involvement and participation in the community

= opportunities for learning and development

= involvement in decision making, daily planning and budgeting

= good communication with families, friends and circles of support.

To apply for disability accommodation with Lifestyle Solutions you will need funding for accommodation in your NDIS plan.


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