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Published on Wednesday 15 January, 2020

It’s not always easy for brothers Donny and Malcolm to catch up, so Nicole Long, Senior Manager at Lifestyle Solutions’ Wallsend Community Hub, and Hub Facilitator, Toni Hunt, recently organised a special get-together for them at Shoal Bay north of Newcastle.

The brothers clearly have a bond that can’t be broken and they quickly picked up where they last left off — laughing, joking and sharing that special banter that close siblings do.

Although theirs is a large family, maintaining regular contact can be hard. But, as Donny proudly shared with guests at the lunch, he and Malcolm have found friendship and family within the Lifestyle Solutions’ community.

Lifestyle Solutions has supported Donny for many years.

He’s a popular face at the Wallsend Hub and one of the most recognisable people featured in our television commercials.

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