Bindi (Australian Disability Enterprise)

​Located in the heartland of Central Australia at Alice Springs, Bindi offers supported employment opportunities for people living with disability.

Bindi is the only Australian Disability Enterprise in Alice Springs, and our supported workers are involved in a number of employment opportunities, including:

  • Mwerre Anthurre Artists Studio;
  • Qantas headset refurbishment;
  • Bindi Mail;
  • Confidential shredding services;
  • Screen printing; and
  • Computer-cut signwriting.

Mwerre Anthurre Artists Studio

The centrepiece of Bindi is our Indigenous art studio, Mwerre Anthurre Art Studio. Mwerre Anthurre artists have earned both national and international recognition, with their art found in some of the country's most prestigious galleries, including the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales and the Art Gallery and Museum of the Northern Territory. Renowned artist Billy Ben Perrurle, who is considered among Australia's 50 most collectable artists, was a founding member of the Mwerre Anthurre Artist Collective.

If you're living with moderate to severe disability and are interested in a career in fine art, Bindi could be your perfect fit. As a supported worker, we'll assist you to gain and maintain your independence while pursuing your passion.

Qantas headset refurbishment

Through our contract with Australia's premier airline, supported workers are responsible for the refurbishment of Qantas passenger headsets. Each day Bindi refurbishes more than 1,200 headsets.

Bindi Mail

Through our partnership with Australia Post, Bindi Mail provides an opportunity for Alice Springs residents living with disability to undertake training and employment. Supported workers learn valuable skills and knowledge within a work environment, including occupational health and safety protocols and barcode scanner use, as well as effective teamwork and organisational skills. Each week, supported workers use these skills to sort and deliver mail to town camps, keeping them connected to the wider community while serving a valuable role.

How do I get started?

First, you'll need to contact our Alice Springs Regional Support Centre on (08) 8952 7277 or drop by and see us at 47 Elder St, Alice Springs.

Let's talk

Call us for a chat:
Alice Springs Regional Support Centre: (08) 8952 7277