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Our Vision

Supporting people in creating lifestyle solutions.

Our Mission

To walk with, support and work alongside people in creating lifestyle solutions that provide dignity and community.

To facilitate living options within the community that provide equality of access, choice and socialisation for people we support.

To provide mutually agreed upon accommodation and support options for people we support that are appropriate and non-intrusive.

To advocate on behalf of people we support.

Our Core Values

We encourage and support innovation both in program development and service delivery.

We have a commitment to service in our support and management style.

We will be accountable in all aspects of our work and service delivery.

We will act honestly and ethically and provide all advice and service with integrity.

We understand that issues and opportunities will have an impact on staff and the people we support, so we will be open and honest with all concerned and equip those who will be affected to deal with change.

We support and promote the principles of Aboriginal Reconciliation and Cultural Diversity in the way we do business and provide support.

We recognise we are all on a journey and will value the opportunity to learn from each other and continue to improve relationally and operationally.