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Reconciliation Statement

The staff of Lifestyle Solutions (Aust) Ltd recognise that the Indigenous peoples are the original inhabitants and custodians of Australia, and that colonisation dispossessed them of their land and their way of life, the results of which are still evident today for many Aboriginal people. We feel regret and sorrow for these past actions and the enduring pain they have caused. As an organisation we apologise for the injustices that Aboriginal people have suffered and stand with them on the ongoing journey toward true reconciliation and self-determination. As a community services organisation Lifestyle Solutions will seek to affirm its commitment to reconciliation in the following ways:

  • - In seeking to provide support services to Indigenous people we will value and respect the diversity of cultures among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and recognise that support options will vary according to need. Subsequently we hold that these support services may be best provided by people of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent.

  • - We commit ourselves to the development of goals and strategies that will lead the organisation on a path of cultural change that embodies this Statement of Reconciliation and appropriately educates clients and staff within the organisation.
  • - We acknowledge that a Commitment to Reconciliation is meaningless unless it transforms the lives of the people involved.

For Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people we envisage that this change will result in equality of opportunity in and access to services provided, with the subsequent outcome of a better quality of life.

For non-Indigenous people this commitment hopes to bring about a greater understanding of and empathy for the past and greater insight into the issues facing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people today.